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Published on 11 Nov 2017 / In USI Tech Deposit Buy one BTC mining package for 55 USD and make 40 percent profit on it for a total of 140% paid around 140 days. USI-TECH, the SLOW COOKER.

TECHCOINS are also available for purchase.

Hello YouTube,

I recently discovered the world of cryptocurrency, staking, trading, lending, and creating a financial foothold that will earn me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in passive income. Can I quit my job? Can I gain a million dollars and pay off debt? Are these scams? Are they great decisions? Learn with me, and help me learn from you when it comes to the state of our future. Do your homework, this isn't going anywhere, and I'm in it for the long haul.  ◙My Bitconnect/USI-TECH Investment spreadsheet - Social Media
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 ◙Coinbase (if you join Coinbase through my link, we both get $10 dollars in BTC!): ◙Bitconnect -  ◙Ethconnect (ICO Phase) -  ◙USI-Tech -  ◙Genesis Mining Affiliate Code - NXaGb2
 ◙ElektraCoin - *note- ElektraCoin is in the ICO stage, and is a potential lending platform. (Higher Risk)


 ◙Bitcoin - 15RtgKfTgRzWCRz5axf9TQypuST9CejPrF
 ◙Ethereum - 0x9230352CBD7034A7C1f79AfF8EA6908e343f6f91
 ◙Litecoin - LQ4hNh98BKAC5yDym5ikJMHgtbs7wnLeM8
For Crypto Advice/Talk/Info in a chill environment, check out my buddy Crypto Guru Omigus' channel, "Cryptopia":

For a smaller discord community for newer YouTubers, please join us in CryptoRiffic - ---....-------------------- I AM NOT A FINANCIAL EXPERT! I don't rely on this as my sole income, instead I treat it like a hobby. Never deposit or invest more than what you are comfortable with losing.

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