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USI Dashboard Basics

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Published on 21 Dec 2017 / In USI Tech review

USI- Tech - review the basics- https://mariaozkanli.usitech-int.com/ BITCONNECT VS USI TECH

Bitconnect vs USI Tech - https://bitconnect.co/?ref=mariao Bitconnect vs USI Tech - https://mariaozkanli.usitech-int.com/ Here are the differences - real facts no BS

USI Tech vs Bitconnect
Mining Platform Lending
Mon- Fri Payout 7 days a week
0.75%- 1.25% Range 0.0 to 2%
BTC Currency USD
$ 60 mi Reinvest $10 min
140 working days Durations 299 calendar days
10% on direct Commissions 7% on directs
$60 Buy in $100

Now, you have to deside what you like better my opinios
With lending (B) you get your money back but that will take longer.
Payout every day but it can be 0%...or 2% (B) Better have a minium of 0.75% (U).
I would prefer payouts in BTC (U) because the price would definately go up in time. But with Bitconnect you can rebuy sooner $10
The last one is easier 10% (U) is better then 7% (B).....

MY CONCLUSION- sign up with both and see after 299 days which is better.

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USI Dashboard Basics