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Published on 11 Nov 2017 / In USI Tech Bitcoin

USI Tech Promo Video for Passive Investments is generally difficult to explain. You want to try and break it down as simple as you can!
This is a story about the biggest financial revolution the world has ever seen - it's called Bitcoin.
With the exception of actually handing physical cash to you - generally we have to rely on third parties for lots of different payments, and what Bitcoin does - is allow us to do all of those things without any third parties!
All of these traditional services that we’re used to controlling who's allowed to have an account, who can send money from who. With Bitcoin, you don't have to ask for permission.

• With Bitcoin, nobody gets to turn it off. If you have the private key, you get to access it and use it!
• Imagine the world where we all have complete control over our money.

Bitcoin does get into the snitch of the under service people in the banking industry. They can now have the equivalent of a bank in their cell phone. For some, the revolution has already begun.
Anybody in the world can now send and receive any amount of money to anyone anywhere in the world right now - and there's nothing that anybody can do to stop that! That was not possible before the invention of Bitcoin.

• Around the world, people are experiencing the unique power of Bitcoin.
• Some of the areas where Bitcoin has been most popular so far is China – Argentina – Iran.
• The true use of Bitcoin is to give you financial privacy which I find extremely important.

Discover the magic of Bitcoin! Personally, perceive Bitcoin like a freedom and hunting tool. Bitcoin allows you to send and receive money with anyone anywhere in the world just like magic does! I’m at a loss for words because it's that exciting, and that world changing.

• Magic money!
• The Bitcoin revolution!

Just how dominant is automated trading when it comes to the world of Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a natural fit for automated trading like you mentioned. As much as 80% of trading transaction volumes are done by automated trading on some exchanges. What's really happening here is that you have an army of professional traders using strategies that are deployed by some of Wall Street's biggest players and these people see Bitcoin as their new playground. They're conquering with machines, so to speak. What makes the automated trading so popular?

Well, bitcoins market structure ticks all the right boxes. It's a highly fragmented market and you can do arbitrage trading across multiple platforms, zero transaction fees, and 24/7 trading. So when it comes to man versus machines of course machines that don't sleep are a natural fit for this kind of trading.

Get Started Now! The objective for USI-TECH was the logical development of fully automated trading software, with which "smaller" investors may also participate in the FOREX market. Originating from the technical complexity and many characteristics of the FOREX market this project could now be successfully completed, after 7 years of intensive development work. As a result, today, the company can offer a fully automatic trading software to its customers. In numerous intensive tests, consistently outstanding results were achieved, in practice, with excellent profits.

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