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Published on 11 Nov 2017 / In USI Tech Bitcoin

For all Australian USI-Tech Members, Coinjar is undoubtedly one of the better and secure Bitcoin Wallet and exchanges. I am encouraging all my team to setup a Coinjar account if you currently do not have a bitcoin wallet.

Feel free to share with you team members to fast track this USI-set up process.

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1. Signup with email and password
2. Confirm your account
3. Verify your identification by entering all your contact information and address then upload identification documents (ensure you have a recent utility bill, no PO Box only notices - they must include the physical address), Upload a passport or license.
4. Wait a couple of days verification from Coinjar
5. Add a bank account - Enter BSB & Account
6. Wait for deposits to be put into your account
7. Once linked and verified, you can transfer desired amount using BPay, Poli. **Note limit is $2500 per day.**

USI-Tech members note that each package is €50. Use the dashboard in USI Tech to calculate how much bitcoin that is needed to purchase the desired number of packages (I started with 12).

Eg. 6th August: 1 Bitcoin = €2710 so that equals approx. 54 packages

In the instance of 20 packages:
20 packages = €1000 = 0.368797 BTC = AUD$1500

So you would need to transfer about $1500 from your Bank account to Coinjar.

*** 50+ packages will require multiple deposits across a few days.***

**** Please note you need to calculate the day you are transferring from your bank account to coinjar, Bitcoin is rising in value daily****

Please allow about 3-4 days to get fully setup from signing up with Coinjar to purchasing bitcoin with USI-Tech.

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